Statue - The Hunt

Size: 46cm x 33cm x 23cm
Designer: Lhota
Pieces for sale: 1
Price per piece: 98 €

This is a must-have item for any lover of the past era. The Hunt statue shows a deer being hunted by three hounds. It is very dramatic and powerful. The statue was a very typical decoration item for the upper class homes in Comunist Czechoslovakia. And it is still well known among the people. Designed and signed by Lhota. The statue is made of glazed gypsum in cream/white color. It is in good condition but shows some signs of age and use. The glaze shows some aging on parts, one little antler on the deer is lost and one another has been glued on (pictures). Yet, all these faults are visible on detailed look only. The statue is so nice that any wear is not really deminishing its beauty.