About us
Designoza („designosis“) is about knowledge and love of design. Founded in 2014, Designoza is an online retailer of authentic, original and (if needed also restored) furniture and accessories of 20th century. Designoza means diagnoses of taste, charm, aesthetics, quality and high standards.

We grew up in Czechoslovakia, a region closed off by Communist regime. Czechoslovakia was a closed region, occupied by the communist party. There was a lot of furniture and design manufactory there, but only little of the items were exported outside of the country. The local brands like Tatra, Ton, Napako and others hired young, fresh and local designers like Jirak, Suman, Jiroutek, Navratil or Halabala to create collections of new, interesting ideas for furniture and home decorations. The 1950s and 1960s were the boom of Czechoslovakian design and we have fallen in love with this era. We fell in love with them during our childhood and still love these great items of the past. We believe, their quality is proven by time.

Furniture with a story! Designoza offers something more. We know each of the items well. We know what they can offer. They make us slow down and remember the old times. We know where it came from, what it went through. This energy is still present everyone can feel it.

Furniture creates our home. The space that makes us feel free, safe and unique. We should never compromise the quality and taste when it comes to space we live in. Let´s remember what used to be good! Only then we can be sure to value the work and amazing minds which helped to create this unique beauty in the past.

idea founder

Fanatic perfectionist. He adores interesting things, even more so when they are beautiful.
Inspired by the silence, dark and usually alone.

client communication

Creative, social creature. He likes the right and fast solutions.
Cheered up by a sweet cake. Resents waiting and bureaucracy.