About us
Designoza („designosis“) is about knowledge and love of design. Internet retailer of authentic, original and (if needed also restored) furniture and accessories of 20th century. Designoza means diagnoses of taste, charm, aesthetics, quality and high standards.

Functional and timeless furniture belongs into culture of today. It tries to create a homey feeling in interiors, it connects the past with present. It wants to make people look into the world through the eyes of beauty, no matter the age.

It wants to make you proud of the old (by age), but forever young, quality designed pieces of high value.

idea founder

Fanatic perfectionist. He adores interesting things, even more so when they are beautiful.
Inspired by the silence, dark and usually alone.

client communication

Creative, social creature. He likes the right and fast solutions.
Cheered up by a sweet cake. Resents waiting and bureaucracy.