Niagara glass bowl

Era: 1960-1970
Size: 8cm x 24cm x 17cm
Producer: Sklárny Mstišov
Designer: František Zemek
Pieces for sale: 1
Price per piece: 129 €

This beautiful art glass bowl is trully one of a kind addition of the famous Czech glass production. It was designed by Frantisek Zemek for Mstisov glass union as a part of the Niagara series. It combines the rosaline pink with clear white glass, which is spiraled with a cobalt blue. All combined in what could seem like a natural shape, but it is well thought through art glass. The design is meant to looks like water falling down at the Niagara falls, hence the name of the series. The bowl is in beautiful condition. Apart from few scratches on the bottom, there is very little wear visible. Absolutely wonderful piece.