Mid Century Armchair By Ton, Czechoslovakia 1960s

Era: 1960s
Size: 80cm x 59cm x 69cm /seat height 37cm
Producer: TON
Pieces for sale: 2
Price per piece: 448 €

Beautiful Mid-century armchair with typical design for the era. Produced in Czechoslovakia by TON, original label still attached. The chair is partially restored with newly restored wooden parts. The chair shows beautiful design with smooth, bent wooden armrests. The fabric is original, we kept it as it still looks beautiful and shows only minor wear. Originally, these chairs were very little used, as they were mostly covered by blankets and kept away from daily use, as they were treasured by people who once bought them for high prices. Beautiful chair for any interior. We have two available. Price per chair. Condition report: Restiored wooden parts, original fabric shows only minor wear. Additional dimensions information: seat hight 37cm