Dining chairs H-214

Era: 1930s - 1940s
Size: 82/45cm x 45cm x 50cm
Producer: UP Zavody
Designer: Jindrich Halabala
Pieces for sale: 2 sets of 4
Price per set: 1600 €

Set of four beautiful dining chairs type H-214 designed by Jindrich Halabala and manufactured in UP Zavody. Unique and interesting. The chairs are made with straight front legs. The back legs are curved, shaped in a sword-like fashion. The backrest is one piece connected very elegantly to the back legs. This set of chairs is quite impressive. Original spring seats and upholstery. The wood shows very minor wear and is in very good condition. The chairs are very strong and sound. Original upholstery fabric shows almost no wear on three of the chairs. One of the chairs shows more wear on the fabric. Wooden backrest in dark wood veneer. Original woodwork. We offer the services of new upholstery. Contact us for details. We also have another set available in different upholstery.